Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mother's Day - by Brad

The month of May is always a crazy month for us. There seems to be a big push as we transition from our over-committed winter to our over-scheduled summer. This big push has caused me to spend any spare time with my wife, kids, and friends rather than blogging (which probably isn't a bad thing). It just so happens that our anniversary falls in the crazy month of May which, for this reason, we will be celebrating it in June this year. Now, almost three weeks belated, I am finally getting around to blogging a Mothers' Day post.

Last year, after Elliott's first T-ball season ended, Elliott received his first trophy. Lindsey commented that for all the sports she was in growing up, she never received a trophy. That didn't seem right to me, so I decided that among all the great things Lindsey does, being a mother is the most trophy-worthy of them all. This Mothers' Day, Lindsey didn't receive anything practical (she wants a carpet cleaner, but I know better than to give that as a present).

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Peaby said...

Yay Linz! You certainly deserve a trophy!