Monday, March 30, 2009

Miscellany & Handcuffs - by Brad

It's been almost 3 weeks since we updated anything on the blog, so I thought I should probably post SOMETHING.

Lindsey and I decided that we would start watching the Lost TV series a few weeks ago. We have had several seasons to catch up on, and I think we are now half way through season 2. We just picked up season 2 and 3 from the Library. We have been watching many of them online, but by checking them out from the Library, we don't have to worry about commercials or the occasional slow-internet connectivity disease.

Last weekend, Lindsey's parents took the boys camping overnight so Lindsey and I were able to have an evening to ourselves. We had a nice dinner, ate a ridiculous amount of candy, watched about 6 hours of Lost, and slept in.

T-ball season is starting for Elliott. He has had a couple practices and I think his first games start in the next week or two.

It is spring break for Elliott and we have a couple of my nieces staying at our house for a few days. That will keep the boys entertained (and worn out) for a few days.

To keep this post interesting, I thought I would quickly put up a couple pictures. I don't know why we didn't think of this earlier...

Really... there was no child abuse involved. Everyone had fun... well... mostly.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snuggles, Glamour Shots, Misc. - by Brad

I haven't posted any pictures in a few weeks, so I dug through our March pictures and pulled up the ones I thought were the best for a miscellaneous post.

Lindsey's family all got together for her mother's birthday and while the sisters were readying our house for the party, I took the kids for a little hike. It was incredibly muddy, but of course the kids enjoyed that. Spencer was on my back... I tried taking him down for the picture, but he didn't want to get down. I couldn't get the kids to stare into the sun for a picture, but this was the best I could do...

Wesley and Spencer were watching a movie and I caught them snuggling...

Lindsey took several pictures outside one afternoon and got this handsome picture of Wesley. It almost reminds me of one of those "Glamour Shots" pictures you see in the mall... maybe if he had a giant feather boa wrapped around his neck...

This is more like the Wesley I know...

Elliott's friend Ellie came over for an afternoon. Lindsey and I wouldn't mind if this picture comes in handy 15 years from now...

There is something about this picture that I like... maybe it is because Spencer has his mom's green(ish) eyes...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Guess What? - by Linz

Spencer: guess what?
Wesley: I already know.
Spencer: guess what?
Wesley: I already know.
Spencer: guess what?


Spencer: knock-knock.
Wesley: nobody’s home.
Spencer: knock-kock.
Wesley: nobody’s home…