Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Stroll - by Brad


10 miles.

37 degrees.

3 children.

1 double stroller.

On purpose.

4.5 hours.

That's how we spent much of today. My idea was initially to go on a 2 hour hike. Lindsey proposed walking to Target. I upped the ante and proposed walking to the video game store... 5 miles away in East Wenatchee. So we checked the thermometer and bundled up the boys. We headed out at 11:00am, walked through downtown Wenatchee, across the foot bridge and over to Game Stop. Elliott walked the whole way there (5 miles) and Wesley and Spencer rode in the stroller. We shopped a little and then hit McDonald's because the boys were so good.

Then we turned around and headed home. Spencer was about asleep so Lindsey formed a baby-wrap thing out of a blanket and I strapped the 25lb baby around my neck so Elliott could have a break in the stroller. Elliott then walked the last couple miles and I got Spencer off my neck. We got back home around 3:45pm. Even though the boys were very cold for about an hour by the river, they were surprisingly pleasant!

I am not sure if it was ambitious or idiotic.


Steph said...

Wow! I am just hoping Jim doesn't read this post b/c he might get the crazy idea that I would be remotely interested in doing the same. Go Lindsey! You make me want to be more brave. Or less lazy. I mean, yay for everyone, but I'm such a wimp...especially when it's cold. :)

Peaby said...

wow...definitely ambitious. Great work Elliott! (and the rest of you too.)

Becky said...

Should I get my walking shoes ready? You guys have always had a good mix of crazy/ambitious in ya. It's part of what we love. Glad you lived to tell us all about your adventure.