Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hair & Ear Cut - by Brad

As a kid, my mom typically cut my hair - at least until I was about 12. On one particular occasion my mom accidentally snipped my ear with the scissors. I remember feeling a small pinch and then hearing my mom say something to the effect of, "oh dear." My mom and sister started laughing as I became irritated. I believe I said I would never let her cut my hair again (maybe I wasn't a perfect child).

Well... last night I was giving Wesley a haircut and I accidentally nicked his ear with the electric clippers. He started crying and his ear started bleeding. It must not have hurt that bad because he stopped crying when I said, "at least I didn't shave off your whole ear." I guess joking is the way us boys comfort each other. He replied, "yeah, then I wouldn't be able to hear you!" He let me finish up and was patient due to the promise of an extra large portion of dessert.

Since Wes was first in line for haircuts, we agreed to not tell Elliott what happened until AFTER I buzzed Elliott's hair.

The ear...

And the boy (yes, I believe that is ketchup around his mouth)...

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