Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spence is 2 - by Brad

Last night we celebrated Spencer turning 2. His birthday was actually on the 21st, but since we were in Portland, we delayed his official party (there was a small celebration with the Bunches... although Mike and I were skiing at the time).

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of Spencer on his big day. Spencer loves guitars and calls them "guitar player".

His favorite thing to do with my guitar is to try to tune it. So he had to test out the tuners on this one.

Mostly, this post was to show off the guitar cake. We spent a few hours working on it... you can tell we are not professional cakers, but we were pleased. This was roughly modeled after the Gibson SG...

Spencer was soaking up the excitement of his birthday party and even leading the singing...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hair & Ear Cut - by Brad

As a kid, my mom typically cut my hair - at least until I was about 12. On one particular occasion my mom accidentally snipped my ear with the scissors. I remember feeling a small pinch and then hearing my mom say something to the effect of, "oh dear." My mom and sister started laughing as I became irritated. I believe I said I would never let her cut my hair again (maybe I wasn't a perfect child).

Well... last night I was giving Wesley a haircut and I accidentally nicked his ear with the electric clippers. He started crying and his ear started bleeding. It must not have hurt that bad because he stopped crying when I said, "at least I didn't shave off your whole ear." I guess joking is the way us boys comfort each other. He replied, "yeah, then I wouldn't be able to hear you!" He let me finish up and was patient due to the promise of an extra large portion of dessert.

Since Wes was first in line for haircuts, we agreed to not tell Elliott what happened until AFTER I buzzed Elliott's hair.

The ear...

And the boy (yes, I believe that is ketchup around his mouth)...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Stroll - by Brad


10 miles.

37 degrees.

3 children.

1 double stroller.

On purpose.

4.5 hours.

That's how we spent much of today. My idea was initially to go on a 2 hour hike. Lindsey proposed walking to Target. I upped the ante and proposed walking to the video game store... 5 miles away in East Wenatchee. So we checked the thermometer and bundled up the boys. We headed out at 11:00am, walked through downtown Wenatchee, across the foot bridge and over to Game Stop. Elliott walked the whole way there (5 miles) and Wesley and Spencer rode in the stroller. We shopped a little and then hit McDonald's because the boys were so good.

Then we turned around and headed home. Spencer was about asleep so Lindsey formed a baby-wrap thing out of a blanket and I strapped the 25lb baby around my neck so Elliott could have a break in the stroller. Elliott then walked the last couple miles and I got Spencer off my neck. We got back home around 3:45pm. Even though the boys were very cold for about an hour by the river, they were surprisingly pleasant!

I am not sure if it was ambitious or idiotic.

29th Birthday Video - by Brad

For my 29th birthday, Lindsey directed a video for me...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Allergy - by Brad

When Wesley woke up this morning, he wandered through our dark house to find me ironing a shirt in the laundry room. With squinted eyes and his hands over his face he said to me,

"Dad, I'm allergic to light bulbs."