Thursday, November 13, 2008

We're Back (hopefully) - by Brad

We have been pretty busy lately, so we haven't found much time to blog. Hopefully that will change soon. In all our craziness, we did have a relaxing weekend with the Bunches. Mike and I went golfing at Desert Canyon again... it was cold, but it stopped raining by the time we teed off, so we still enjoyed it.

Friday night we had an evening of boat races at AWANA. We dragged Mike and Becky along and Mike took some pictures of the event. At first Elliott and Wesley got to play around testing out the boats in the race "tracks"...

Elliott then participated in several races...

Jack had fun too...

Much of the weekend was spent playing the Wii. This was taken while Lindsey and Becky were out shopping. It is the dad's way of babysitting...

Other unphotographed activities:

We played Whoonu for a couple hours. I believe Becky and I did all the winning in that game.

We left all 4 boys with Lindsey's parents while we went out to dinner.

Mike and Lindsey went running... I took pictures, but Lindsey would not be happy with me if I posted them.

Mike and I went on a short hike (as documented on his blog.)

Thank you to the Bunches for driving up and visiting us!

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