Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hats - by Linz

I looked at the thermometer this morning and it read 32 degrees! Time to dig out the winter clothes. I used to have them all sorted by size, but these days it's a dig in and wear what fits sort of deal.

We have a great collection of winter hats. Some were knitted by Grandma, some were just too cute to pass up and some have been given to us by cousins who have outgrown them. We have a plethora of cute hats and still my boys lean toward this one goofy black hat. Elliott wanted to wear it to preschool every day last year, Wes quickly grabbed it out of the box this year and apparently it is the only hat that Spencer will keep on his head. I tried every cute hat that we own and each time Spencer took it right off and threw it.

Then as I was making lunch, I turned to see this...

Spencer happily wearing the single most dorky hat we own!

On another note, this is what you get when you ask Spencer to smile for the camera!

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Peaby said...

awsome...i'm going to start "smiling" like that for pictures now...