Saturday, October 04, 2008

Embarrassing? - by Brad

The other day, Lindsey was trying to get the boys to sing "Good News"... a song they sang at AWANA. She had the camera out to video and she asked Elliott to sing for her. He hesitantly said he didn't want to. Lindsey then offered a bribe of a lollipop, and Elliott replied, "okay, but do you promise not to put it on the blog?"

Lindsey ended up agreeing and Elliott sang, but to honor the promise we can't blog the video.

This got me thinking. Our 6 year old already understands that everyone can see what we post on our blog and he must be getting shy about what he wants people to see. Are we going to cause trauma in his junior high years when his friends can access his family's blog and see all the funny things he said and did?

Before he enters junior high, we might have to be a little more sensitive and remove some of the old stuff and archive it offline.

But for now, it won't stop us from posting embarrassing things about our kids... like these pictures we posted back in March 2007.

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Brazenlilly said...

That is really interesting that he's now aware of the potetntially very public embarassment! I've thought about far into the future, too, and wondered how long these blogs will be preserved. I mean, will we be able to access them in 10 years? Will we still be blogging? Will blogspot fold and go under at some point? In a dream world, I'd love to save all my posts on some sort of disc or hard drive but that sounds like a lot of work!