Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boys Wrestling, Vol. 2 - by Brad

We got another wrestling match on tape. This time Spencer got a little more involved. I am pretty surprised at how much of a beating Wesley can take without getting hurt.

*** Updated Info ***
Approximate weights:
Elliott - 45 lbs
Wesley - 27 lbs
Spencer - 25 lbs.


Peaby said...

nice...since I ddin't have any brothers, I had to wait until freshman year in college to do that :-) whu was linz standing on the chair?

Brazenlilly said...

Awesome video! It even got Trent to watch the whole thing and comment to me about it later, which is a rare thing. (He usually just skims everyone's blog for funny pictures on his way to Also, I like the way Mike spelled "didn't."

The Posenjak's said...

Hi guys, great video, this is how we spend most of our nights just waiting to see who can take it the longest. And how loud the cries can get,looks like the boys are really growing hope to see you guts sooner then later.

Brad said...

Mike - Lindsey never replied to your question... but I think she was sitting on the desk with her feet on the chair. She thought it was safe up their.