Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Elliott and Amy - by Brad

After our weekend in Spokane, we brought our niece Amy back to stay with us for a few days. A couple nights ago, after the kids had been in bed for over an hour, I went down to tell them to quiet down a little and try to go to sleep. However, when I got to the doorway, I arrived in the middle of a sweet conversation...

Elliott: so, what does "care" mean?

Amy: "care" means like "I don't care about bad words, but I do care about God".

Elliott: yeah, me too, I don't care about bad words, but I care about God, and I care about everything in the Bible.

Amy: yeah, that's what "care" means.

I just smiled, walked away, and let them continue to define the word "care". I remember the feeling of having "deep" conversations with my friends before going to sleep when I was a kid. I hope the memories of their late-night conversations stick with them.