Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bravest of Them All - by Brad

I was waiting for Lindsey to post this since I heard most of this second hand, but...

A couple weeks ago, we had a mouse in the laundry room. Lindsey called me at work from on top of the washing machine. I laughed a lot during that phone conversation. Despite a few screams, she finally braved dismounting, running out of the laundry room, and stuffing a towel under the door so the mouse couldn't get out until I got home.

As Lindsey was packing up the boys to retreat from the house for the afternoon, Elliott needed his sandals... which were still in the laundry room with the mouse. Lindsey told Elliott he could go in and get them, but Elliott declined the offer. Wesley told Elliott that grandpa should be there to get his sandals (Lindsey's dad rescued them from a previous mouse when I was out of town).

Pretty soon, Wesley said, "I'll get your sandals for you Elliott," and he headed for the laundry room.

On his return to the van with sandals in hand, Wesley said, "I'm as brave as grandpa."

In proud defense of his grandfather, Elliott replied, "No you're not."

But Wesley silenced Elliott by saying, "I got your sandals for you."


Becky said...

Ah're certainly braver than I am. I would have been on top of the washing machine with your mommy!

Anonymous said...

That cracks me up!! I hadn't heard that story!! Reminds me of the time Amy called me at work with a sparrow flying around our house while she was "trapped" in the tv room. I couldn't come home for like an hour, poor bird was glad to get out by the time I got home.
The "Krueger Girls" and their mouse stories.