Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Subpoenaed... now that's a funny word. - by Brad

So, today I came home for lunch and there was a business card from a Sheriff’s deputy stuck in our front door. Hmmm… what did I do wrong lately? Anyway, all we had to go from was that his phone number was circled. My thought was to ignore it and let the deputy contact us again if we really need to be contacted. However, Lindsey can’t handle not knowing something when she knows there is something to be known. So she called the deputy.

The deputy basically told her that he needed to deliver a subpoena for me. She asked what the subpoena was about and the deputy just rattled off the names of several other subpoenaed parties, none of which were familiar to her. By then she was wondering what type of drug dealing or fraud scheme I was involved with so she called me at work to tell me the good news.

Neither one of us could figure out why I was subpoenaed at first, but we finally figured out that it must be for a car accident we witnessed almost two months ago. We were following a driver who apparently tried passing and crashed into another car. The car that was hit was a Papa Johns delivery guy whose car completely rolled over off the highway. He jumped right out of his car and was perfectly fine. The other guy’s car slammed into a hillside and his face got cut up pretty good, but he was at least able to get out of his car (despite me telling him to not move). When the Sheriff deputies arrived, I gave them my name and phone number in case they needed any information.

Apparently they need more information. I am not quite sure what process the subpoena entails, so it could be a little adventure. Luckily, my office is directly below the District Court room, so it won’t be out of the way to fulfill my duty.

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Brazenlilly said...

Hey, that's kind of exciting! And Lindsey, I'm the same way. I can't let something go... especially when it seems unusual, interesting or mysterious. I have to know!