Sunday, July 20, 2008

On the Way Back - by Brad

I forgot to post one short dialogue that occurred on our drive home from Lincoln City. As usual, we stopped in Goldendale for a break and to grab a bite to eat. The boys got Chicken McNuggets Happy Meals with apples slices and caramel dip.

As we were driving and eating, Lindsey noticed that Wesley ate all his nugs and had only apples left. She told him to eat his apples and he replied, "I don't want them." She tried enticing him by telling him to dip them in the caramel. He responded, "I don't have any more caramel dip." I whispered to Lindsey that I thought he dipped his nugs in the caramel. When Lindsey asked him why he used that for his nuggets, he replied very matter-of-fact, "I had no ketchup."

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