Saturday, July 05, 2008

5 Boys for a Week - by Brad

My nephews Ryan and Jake visited us for a week. We still haven't figured out if it was more work or less work having 5 boys instead of 3. The noise level was probably a little louder and it seemed like everyone was eating all the time. However, the boys played with each other more and stayed busy, so there were actually relaxing times as well. Our nephews pretty much took care of themselves, so that was also very helpful.

Anyway, Lindsey created an itinerary for the week so everyone knew what was going on. Sunday we went to church, stayed for a barbecue and then went to the river to cool down since it was 100 degrees. Monday, the the boys played on a slip-and-slide much of the afternoon and then we went to my parents house for dinner.

Tuesday morning, we went fishing with my dad. Ryan was the only one to catch anything. I think the fish is still in our freezer... I guess we forgot to send the fish home with him.

With the assistance of my middle son, our camera was dropped into a puddle of water in our boat. That is why there are few pictures of the following days. Our camera is now working, but it still has minor problems. Wednesday afternoon, we went to a water park with a couple slides, dinner at my parents again, and then home for movie night.

Thursday evening, we took the boys to a park, had a picnic dinner and played disc golf. Then yesterday morning they had to go home for their 4th of July festivities. With all the excitement, it wore out our kids and they slept in later than they have in a long time... that meant a little sleeping in for us as well. Let me clarify that "sleeping in" means 7:15AM.

We also had time to goof around...


Anonymous said...

Crazy, busy!

toby said...

The boys sure had a great time, you guys. We'll need to return the favor sometime. I'm sure 7 is easier than 4! It was actually harder with just Emma and Jessie here, because they lost their two main sources of entertainment.

thanks again