Thursday, June 26, 2008

Randumb Thoughts - by Brad

Dubai... crazy skyscrapers and other attractions. I read an article on CNN about a skyscraper they are going to build in Dubai that has floors that rotate individually. It got me looking at all the development that has been going on over there. Makes me want to visit sometime... maybe in 25 years.

Church league softball... our church had our last three regular season games on Monday night. Yes, we had a triple header. We weren't doing so great going into it with a record of 6 wins, 8 losses, but we got on fire and won all three games to finish our season at 9 and 8. Tonight is the first round of playoffs. Single elimination. However, even if we win both games tonight, most of our team won't be around tomorrow (including myself) so we will have to forfeit anyway.

My '65 Mustang... has been out of commission for the past year with a bad clutch. I never got around to getting it fixed, so my dad replaced the clutch for me this week. I can now drive it again! Whoo-hoo! Thanks Dad!

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