Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Griffey 600 - by Brad

I received my first pack of baseball cards from our pastor in Friday Harbor in 1986 (I was six years old). In the following couple years, I grew increasingly enamored by baseball and the Seattle Mariners.

When Ken Griffey Jr. arrived at Seattle in 1998, it sealed the deal for my childhood love for baseball. He was the shot in the arm the M's needed. They were at their best in the early 90's, even thought they didn't make it to the World Series. Then as I got into high school and the Mariners lost all their good players (Griffey, Alex Rodriguez, Randy Johnson, etc.) my love for baseball was lost as well.

Well, yesterday Griffey hit his 600th home run. He is now number 6 on the all-time list of home run hitters. I have enjoyed hearing the reports that he might retire as a Mariner after he hits 600. I would be pretty excited if Griffey made his way back to Seattle. I'm sure it wouldn't bring back my childhood love for baseball, but it would definitely make me want to go to a few games to watch Griffey play again as a Mariner.

This is the catch that hooked me as a Griffey fan (circa 1990)...

I still have a Seattle Times newspaper clipping of this catch that my grandparents gave me (it wouldn't scan very well). It is in a binder full of Ken Griffey Jr. paraphernalia.


Peaby said...

I had no idea that's how you spell paraphernalia. That middle R is tricky.

I too remember enjoying baseball as a kid. The one Mariners game that I went to was made even better by the presence of Griffey. The crowd loved him...the air was charged with excitement whenever he was in on the action.

good times.

Brad said...

Yeah, spell check found the "r" for me.