Monday, June 09, 2008

Cold Nephews - by Brad

This last weekend, we had planned to go to camping on Whidbey Island with my parents and sister's family. However, the forecast was for mid-50's and raining the entire time. So at the last minute we changed plans and decided to just camp around Wenatchee, with the same company. So we headed to Lincoln Rock State Park where the weather was a little better... at least we had a little sun and a few degrees warmer.

Even though it was only upper-60's my nephews, Ryan and Jake, decided they wanted to go swimming in the 50 degree Columbia River.

They were having a difficult time actually getting in the water above their waists, so I told Ryan that we would video him and post it on our blog if he went all the way under. He held up his end of the deal, so I am following through also. Unfortunately, the camera ran out of space on the card after a few seconds...

We will probably have a few more pictures of the weekend in the next couple days.

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