Saturday, May 24, 2008

Purse Dog Purse - by Brad

This afternoon we were at Lindsey's parents house talking about dogs. Somehow the conversation turned to taxidermied dogs, and Lindsey and I had an interesting idea. Someone should make handbags out of taxidermied purse dogs (you know, chiwawas and other small rat-like dogs). Then you can have a purse dog that IS a purse.

You could make its legs stiff so it can stand on the counter while you are buying your groceries, and spring-load its jaw to make a convenient coin pocket.

There are unlimited names you could call it... Purse Dog Purse, Pooch Pouch, The Bag with a Wag, etc.

I know some people would be appalled at this idea, but just so you know that I have some boundaries... even I think it would be wrong to carry a live purse dog in your Purse Dog Purse.


Gail said...

Oh Bradley - Your unattachment to animals has gone a bit too far. I am not an animal person either, but come on...

Peaby said...