Thursday, May 22, 2008

Go Green? Go Amish! - by Brad

So the world is warming, eh? Everyone’s preaching “green” (which is rapidly becoming my least favorite color). However, even if everyone recycled, switched to hybrid cars, and used energy star lights, it still would not make a large enough dent in carbon emissions to stop climate change.

If we really want to stop climate change, we would all have to go back to the days of farming a couple acres for each family. The Amish are probably the most “green” folks around. If the world mandated the Amish lifestyle, we could stop climate change... that is if man-made carbon emission really is the cause. So far, I haven’t heard any scientists or celebrities promoting this. I guess we all must be too selfish.

Realistically… unless we are taking steps to live like the Amish, we will just need to figure out how to live with climate change. Personally, I will enjoy it a few degrees warmer.

Does anyone want to start a pseudo-Amish commune with me? I don't know much about farming, but we could Google it... oh, I guess we couldn't.


Peaby said...

we could set a a "go-amish countdown". Then we could google up everyting we needed until that point. paper is okay right? Just bring lots of print-outs and hope they don't get wet.

Janet said...

You guys are pretty fun. You made me smile this morning!

Green is still my favorite decorating and nature color - I'm not going to let the ecologist/politicians influence me about that!