Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pre-School Graduation - by Linz

Last Wednesday Elliott had a pre-school graduation ceremony...complete with caps, gowns, tassels and diplomas! As we were getting ready, I asked Elliott if he was supposed to dress nicely for his graduation. He said, "I don't have to because we have caps and gowns." I have to admit, I was picturing a pre-schooler crafted cardboard cap and something akin to garbage bag for a gown! But these were the real deal!

They all walked out in their tiny gowns and sang a few song for us. It was windy and we couldn't really hear, but the hand motions were very cute! After the songs, they called one by one to recieve their diploma. They were asked to say their names and what they wanted to be when they grow up. Again, it was windy and I couldn't really hear, but from what I gathered, there will be quite a few astronauts and one "bail bond."

To be honest, pre-school graduation is a funny idea to me (it's like they are graduating INTO school) but the kids were so cute and so proud of themselves! They even closed the ceremony by moving the tassels to the other side of their caps!

I have seen it all!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Purse Dog Purse - by Brad

This afternoon we were at Lindsey's parents house talking about dogs. Somehow the conversation turned to taxidermied dogs, and Lindsey and I had an interesting idea. Someone should make handbags out of taxidermied purse dogs (you know, chiwawas and other small rat-like dogs). Then you can have a purse dog that IS a purse.

You could make its legs stiff so it can stand on the counter while you are buying your groceries, and spring-load its jaw to make a convenient coin pocket.

There are unlimited names you could call it... Purse Dog Purse, Pooch Pouch, The Bag with a Wag, etc.

I know some people would be appalled at this idea, but just so you know that I have some boundaries... even I think it would be wrong to carry a live purse dog in your Purse Dog Purse.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Go Green? Go Amish! - by Brad

So the world is warming, eh? Everyone’s preaching “green” (which is rapidly becoming my least favorite color). However, even if everyone recycled, switched to hybrid cars, and used energy star lights, it still would not make a large enough dent in carbon emissions to stop climate change.

If we really want to stop climate change, we would all have to go back to the days of farming a couple acres for each family. The Amish are probably the most “green” folks around. If the world mandated the Amish lifestyle, we could stop climate change... that is if man-made carbon emission really is the cause. So far, I haven’t heard any scientists or celebrities promoting this. I guess we all must be too selfish.

Realistically… unless we are taking steps to live like the Amish, we will just need to figure out how to live with climate change. Personally, I will enjoy it a few degrees warmer.

Does anyone want to start a pseudo-Amish commune with me? I don't know much about farming, but we could Google it... oh, I guess we couldn't.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Desert Canyon - by Brad

The Bunches came over this weekend for a nice relaxing weekend. For me, the highlight of the weekend was golfing with Mike at Desert Canyon. He scored us some free golf at the most scenic golf course I've played.

At the sixth hole... par 5, over 600 yards...

Mike teeing off on what must be the 8th hole...

My second shot from the 10th hole...

Mike sinking his putt on the 10th hole...

Shared green of the 1st and 10th holes...

Except for a little wind on the back 9, the weather was perfect. Thanks for the golf Mike!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Seven - by Brad

Today marks Lindsey and my 7th wedding anniversary. I can honestly say the past year has been the best so far. Maybe it's because we are feeling more settled with our job, house, and kids.

Anyway, here's the photo story Lindsey made last year in case anyone cares to celebrate along with us.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Spencer - by Brad

...from the last couple weeks...

Saturday, May 03, 2008

...and then there was one. - by Brad

We're left with only one fish now. The zebra danio, which was one of our first fish purchased a year ago, is our last surviving fish.

Anyway, we have moved on now. The boys have been fascinated with a robin's net that was built on one of the beams over our back patio. So this morning we purchased a bird feeder and are now watching birds. Shortly after I hung up feeder, Wesley was out in the back yard chasing birds with a stick. I doubt we will be very successful with our bird watching venture, but at least we probably won't kill any of them (unless they poop too much on our patio).

Just to spice up this post, here are a couple pictures I took this morning...

Gun totin' Spencer...

Wesley playing outside (shortly after his bird chasing adventure)...