Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Two for Sixteen - by Brad

Fish update: After a thorough aquarium cleaning, we bought a few fish to add to the four we already had. Within a couple days, we couldn't find one of our new fish... it apparently died. In my typical aquarium neglect I left the dead fish rotting under a log for a few days. Then a second new fish died (which I promptly removed), and our three tetras developed weird spots that looked like air bubbles. My guess is they didn't enjoy the flavor of decomposing fish.

For anyone keeping count, we have purchased 15 fish, birthed one, and killed 14 (including a mommy, daddy, and their baby fish). That sounds extremely horrible, but that's the reality. I'll admit that we're probably unfit fish owners. I hope nobody calls PETA on us.


Peaby said...

I'm glad you are better at raising children than raising fish.

Janet said...

I'll echo peaby's comment, and say that you are doing an EXCELLENT job with your children.
Don't they have some kind of plastic fish you could put in that aquarium?

Brazenlilly said...

Wow, OK, I guess I take it back about fish being the easiest pet to care for. And I definitely know that the Tompkins should never get more than the one we have now.

Brad said...

Plastic fish... that's a good one. We might have to look into that.

Last night I noticed that one of our last two fish looks like it is rotting alive. I don't think it is going to make it very long.