Thursday, March 27, 2008

Unexpected Adventure - by Linz

So....we are driving along in the car and Wesley asks for a tic-tac. This is a common occurrence. So I hand one back to him and it is quiet for a few minutes; as it would be when a kid is eating a tic-tac. Then Wes says, "I put it in my nose." I didn't really realize what he said so I replied, "Don't put things in your nose, buddy." Then he said "I already did, way up my nose." Oh great! We have to pick up Elliott from school!

We were in the parking lot of Elliott's school when the sweet layer of the tic-tac dissolved and the minty-freshness kicked in. Wes' eyes were watering and he was crying to get it out. What was I supposed to do? So I asked him to blow his nose...nothing. I said we would just have to wait a bit. His suggestion was to go home and "get it out with a fork, or maybe a tiny toy sword". I told him that sticking another thing up his nose was probably not the best plan. (And then I laughed for a while...because well, it's a pretty funny scenario)

After I regained my composure, I called the nurse and asked what she thought we should do. She said I should probably bring him in. So we picked up Brad for his lunch break and headed off to see Dr. Eisert. By the time we got there the tic-tac had mostly dissolved and all he had to do was blow his nose. Whew! Our pediatrician was kind and said he wouldn't be charging us to blow my son's nose!


Peaby said...

That's funny. it makes my eyes water just thinking about it. I love the "...or a little sword." comment.

Janet said...

Oh my! What is it about Tic Tacs that makes a kid want to put them in his/her nose? Gail did that when she was perhaps a bit younger than Wesley! I remember it being scarey for me, the mom. We were just ready to leave for VBS and I was teaching - didn't really have TIME for such silliness! Lon stopped by home on his break from delivering mail and saved the day by getting it out.