Thursday, February 28, 2008

Year Old Moose Poopins - by Brad

Since we have been rather boring lately, I dug up a video from a year ago. This was back in March 2007, Wesley was 2. The boys' cousins had recently visited and they had been gathering deer poop that was left in our yard over the winter. Don't worry, they were using little shovels (for the most part). Despite Wesley's interpretation, we don't have moose or reindeer in our back yard, just regular mule deer.

I have added subtitles for those who cannot understand the slurred language of a toddler.


Peaby said...

oh man, that's too funny! Nice job with the subtitles.

Becky said...

Oh..he's gonna be proud of this video later in life. What a cutie. I love his conern for not wanting to get any in your house.

We Are The Jones' said...

I know I wouldn't want byucky reindeer poop in my house. Funny little dude that Wes is.