Thursday, February 07, 2008

Projects, Politics, & Salsa - by Brad

So, we have gone a while without posting anything… two weeks to be exact. We haven’t had this long of a dry spell since March 2006 (I just had to throw in a statistic). It’s not that we’ve been terribly busy, or terribly boring. It has just been life as status quo for the last couple weeks. We haven’t even had the camera out to take pictures of the kids lately.

I did take last week off from work to get a few projects done around the house. We ended up painting at our church for the first few days. Then I finally got around to tiling our bathroom floor and started making some shelves and trim… all with my dad’s help. Now I have a few projects that are started and waiting for me to finish! I took a few “before” pictures, so I just need to finish the projects so I can post the “after” pictures with them.

I also started watching the primary races a little closer over the last week. I will try to stay away from politics on our blog (since both contributors don't always see things the same), but I might not be able to contain myself on occasion. It’s a long shot, but I am rooting for Huckabee. Romney just dropped out of the race today, and still every article I read says Huckabee can’t beat McCain. I guess I just like cheering for the underdog. Hey, the New York Giants won last weekend, why can’t Huckabee? (With my luck, he will drop out as soon as I post this.)

We’ll try to spice up the blog soon with something more interesting than me rambling on… oh speaking of spicing things up… Lindsey just bought some Safeway Select Chipotle Salsa… it is one of my favorites now.

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