Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Climbin' Hills and Losin' Hair - by Brad

Almost all of the snow here has melted in the last couple weeks and we have had a few very beautiful days. I had President's Day off, so I decided to take Elliott and Wesley for a hike up Castlerock. Wesley only made it down the front steps of our house. From there on I carried him on my shoulders. Elliott was quite the hiker.

Tonight I decided to have a hair-buzzing night. Spencer's hair finally drove me nuts, so I buzzed it. Lindsey was cleaning up after dinner, so she wasn't around to stop me from using the really short clipper guard for Spencer. I sort of forgot how cute he is when his goofy hair isn't in the way.

Elliott finally doesn't scream when I buzz his hair, so we decided to let him have a little mohawk for a couple days. It will probably be shaved before Sunday. I am not sure if he is rocking out, or if he has a hair-ball.

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Brazenlilly said...

That last pic is great! Stephanie and I had some discussions last night about how we liked Spencer's new 'do and were seriously considering the low-maintenance cut for our boys. Thanks for the new pics!