Thursday, February 28, 2008

Year Old Moose Poopins - by Brad

Since we have been rather boring lately, I dug up a video from a year ago. This was back in March 2007, Wesley was 2. The boys' cousins had recently visited and they had been gathering deer poop that was left in our yard over the winter. Don't worry, they were using little shovels (for the most part). Despite Wesley's interpretation, we don't have moose or reindeer in our back yard, just regular mule deer.

I have added subtitles for those who cannot understand the slurred language of a toddler.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Tonight! - by Brad

I just read that there will be a lunar eclipse tonight starting at 5:45 PM for those of us in the Pacific time zone. The moon will be at total eclipse stage at 7:00 PM. We won't be able to see another total lunar eclipse until December 21, 2010, so take advantage of this.

Courtesy of NASA...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Climbin' Hills and Losin' Hair - by Brad

Almost all of the snow here has melted in the last couple weeks and we have had a few very beautiful days. I had President's Day off, so I decided to take Elliott and Wesley for a hike up Castlerock. Wesley only made it down the front steps of our house. From there on I carried him on my shoulders. Elliott was quite the hiker.

Tonight I decided to have a hair-buzzing night. Spencer's hair finally drove me nuts, so I buzzed it. Lindsey was cleaning up after dinner, so she wasn't around to stop me from using the really short clipper guard for Spencer. I sort of forgot how cute he is when his goofy hair isn't in the way.

Elliott finally doesn't scream when I buzz his hair, so we decided to let him have a little mohawk for a couple days. It will probably be shaved before Sunday. I am not sure if he is rocking out, or if he has a hair-ball.

Friday, February 15, 2008

No Cannibalism Here - by Brad

In case some of you have been losing sleep out of concern for our baby tetra...

It's been 4 weeks since we dumped it in with the bigger fish. Since then, it has more than doubled in size and has not been eaten by the others! I am actually quite surprised.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Continued Lull - by Brad

Well, there has been a continued lack of excitement around the Posenjak household. I think I figured out why we haven't been taking pictures of Spencer much... he really needs a haircut. Maybe we will get around to buzzing his hair this weekend. He has also had a little bit of a shiner (which is fading now) from hitting the coffee table with his head.

I did try to get a picture of all three boys. However, they are not very cooperative. This was the best one they could muster.

As I mentioned last week, I have been working on small projects around the house, finishing things that I have been meaning to complete ever since we built the house 2.5 years ago. We have been missing trim around our fireplace mantle and it has been driving me nuts for a couple years.

The big job that I finished was tiling our bathroom floor. It was stamped concrete when we originally built, but water leaked under it and cracked it. I had to tear out all the old concrete, and with the help of my dad, we tiled the floor and put up baseboard trim. Hopefully I will get another project done this long weekend.

Oh, I guess it is Valentines Day today. Lindsey and I have never celebrated it. There is something about forced romance that seems phony to me... or maybe that is just romance in general. I think Lindsey has learned to live with NO romance from me. Lindsey's present today is left-over cookies that someone in my office brought... I ate half of them, and brought the rest home for Lindsey at lunch. Before you judge me... they were REALLY good cookies.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Projects, Politics, & Salsa - by Brad

So, we have gone a while without posting anything… two weeks to be exact. We haven’t had this long of a dry spell since March 2006 (I just had to throw in a statistic). It’s not that we’ve been terribly busy, or terribly boring. It has just been life as status quo for the last couple weeks. We haven’t even had the camera out to take pictures of the kids lately.

I did take last week off from work to get a few projects done around the house. We ended up painting at our church for the first few days. Then I finally got around to tiling our bathroom floor and started making some shelves and trim… all with my dad’s help. Now I have a few projects that are started and waiting for me to finish! I took a few “before” pictures, so I just need to finish the projects so I can post the “after” pictures with them.

I also started watching the primary races a little closer over the last week. I will try to stay away from politics on our blog (since both contributors don't always see things the same), but I might not be able to contain myself on occasion. It’s a long shot, but I am rooting for Huckabee. Romney just dropped out of the race today, and still every article I read says Huckabee can’t beat McCain. I guess I just like cheering for the underdog. Hey, the New York Giants won last weekend, why can’t Huckabee? (With my luck, he will drop out as soon as I post this.)

We’ll try to spice up the blog soon with something more interesting than me rambling on… oh speaking of spicing things up… Lindsey just bought some Safeway Select Chipotle Salsa… it is one of my favorites now.