Friday, January 11, 2008

This Weekend (part 2) - by Brad

This follow-up post came much later than expected, because after Spencer was sick Sunday night, all the other boys (including me) ended up with the same flu. Needless to say, this was not much fun for Lindsey, and she is ready for a new weekend.

Lindsey: thanks for taking such good care of us all!

Anyway, LAST weekend, the boys had a great time playing at Lindsey's parents. I think this was the first sink-bath that Spencer has taken since he was two-months old! But hey, I think it's pretty cute to see a big baby sitting in a sink...

The boys got to enjoy the snow by getting in a little sledding at their cousins house down the road from the grandparents.

Spencer has really been getting into climbing on things. The other day, he climbed on his brother's bed, and then climbed onto his night-stand. He also has been falling off of things as well. Here is the proud little climber...

The other boys got to take a bath in the big bath. It looks like Elliott took charge of suds-ing up Wes... I am not sure who suds'd up Spencer.

Grandpa used several boxes to create a little fort maze. I don't think we have a picture of the whole fort, but they could crawl in one box go through two more, and come out a third box. I am not sure what is up with the ballerinas on this box...

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