Monday, January 07, 2008

This Weekend (part 1) - by Brad

Lindsey and I had a great weekend in Beaverton. We left the boys with Lindsey's parents and went to visit Mike and Becky. It was a very relaxing weekend and Lindsey and I enjoyed our 11 hours (round trip) in the car together. The drives were the longest dates we've had in a while.

However, the enjoyment turned south when we arrived home. It had snowed about 5 inches the day we left, so we returned to a large burm of snow/ice in front of our driveway left by the city snow plows. I had to shovel the burm just to drive into our garage. Apparently "burm" is not a real word, but what else do you call that large bank of snow left by a snowplow?

To conserve energy, we usually turn off the thermostat when we leave for a couple days. Well, when we got in our house, it was 54 degrees! I quickly learned that tiger barbs (tropical fish) don't like to live in 50 degree water. Surprisingly only our two tiger barbs were dead. The five other fish survived (so far), including the baby fish that was birthed in our tank! We have had our fish tank for less than a year. We have bought 12 fish... only 4 have survived (that's not a very good record). Anyway, once the temperature in our tank warms up, we will probably go buy a couple more fish to kill.

The dead fish were actually the highlight of my evening. At least I got a laugh out of it.

I went back outside to shovel the driveway. For the next hour and a half, I shoveled the front of our driveway trying to clear all the snow from the burm. At 10:30 I was called inside by Lindsey. Spencer had vomited in his crib, rolled around in it, and needed a bath. Spencer continued to dry-heave roughly every 30 minutes until 1:15 AM. Lindsey is still doing laundry from all the vomit-laden sheets, towels, and clothes (both Spencer's and mine).

Then this morning I woke up to another couple inches of snow... and another snow-plowed burm in front of our driveway. Luckily, it was small enough that I was able to drive over it. I think I get to shovel more snow this evening.

We will try to post some pictures of the boys' fun weekend in a more upbeat "part 2", once we get the pictures from Grandma.


Peaby said...

Geez. That's a lot to deal with. At least Spencer didn't get sick at the Krueger's...

Janet said...

Oh dear - so sorry to hear about the night with Spencer!

Isn't snow great?

"berm" - a narrow shelf, path, or ledge typically at the top or bottom of a slope; also : a mound or wall of earth

Happy Birthday, Brad - just a few hours early. Your dad suggested we call to sing to you at the exact hour of your birth in the morning, but after your experience last night we won't subject you to that!

Brad said...

Well, shoot! Berm with an "e".

Why didn't spell check catched that?