Saturday, January 19, 2008

Baby Fish - by Brad

Back in October, we noticed a tiny fish in our fish tank. Apparently our two black striped tetras bore at least one child. So, I scooped it out and placed it in a canning jar. It sat in a canning jar on our kitchen counter as we were waiting for it to die. A trusted fish advisor said the chances of its survival were slim, and I figured they would be even slimmer with my track record (in the past year we have purchased 12 fish, lost 8, and birthed 1).

All this to say that yesterday, I decided he was big enough to swim with the big boys (even though he probably isn't). He made it through the night without becoming breakfast. He will probably be eaten soon, but we were tired of having him on the counter.

Anyway, here's the new baby along side his proud father... or mother... I really don't know. I haven't checked.


Peaby said...

congratulations on the successful (so far) move. When I got tired of seeing the jar on the counter, I moved the baby fish to the toilet. at least your giving yours a chance. good for you.

We Are The Jones' said...

Ahhh! Not as cute as Spencer but...