Friday, December 28, 2007

Labels! - by Brad

I updated the Bjournal to the new blogger format so that it should load quicker than it used to (except that I posted a bunch of useless videos which are slowing it down). I did lose my weather widget because it is not supported on the new blogger format, but I am working on that. I also decided to utilize Blogger's labeling feature, so you will now notice labels at the end of each post as well as a way to filter for them on the sidebar.

On an entirely different subject... I was noticing that a lot of news websites are littered with "The Year in Review" type articles. To me, that just seems like an excuse to write an easy article. I know it's the end of the year and all, but that's almost as bad as when a TV series decides to do an entire episode of flashbacks instead of having to write a new show.

I think this post will probably get the label of "P-Jak Ramblings."

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Peaby said...

It's also apparently a way to track which child you love the most. Right now, Elliott is in the lead.