Sunday, December 02, 2007

Boogies - by Linz

Here are some funny things that Wesley has said regarding...well, boogies. It's a disgusting topic that comes up far more frequently than it should!

WES: Mom, where should I put this?
MOM: Just a minute and I will get you a tissue.
WES: Oh, it's okay. I put it back.
MOM: Put it back where?
WES: In my nose!

WES: Now they are all in my throat.
MOM: That's disgusting
WES: Hee, I think it's funny!

Elliott had just drawn a picture of a house...
AUNT JULIE: Elliott, that kind of looks like a hut.
WES: Jabba the Hutt!
WES: Jabba the Hutt's from Star Wars. Jabba the Hutt is made of boooogers!


Peaby said...

Jabba the Hutt IS made of boogers. He's right on that one!

We Are The Jones' said...

At least Wes is keeping the boogers in his own nose instead of sharing with his brothers or something.