Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mighty (dead) Mouse - by Brad

This morning Lindsey noticed "signs" that a mouse was living under our kitchen cabinets and making "appearances" under our sink and in our pantry. So like a good husband, I drove quickly to Safeway and purchased one of every kind of mouse trap.

This evening we were watching a movie and suddenly heard a SNAP!

I ran down to the kitchen and sure enough, we got ourselves a mouse! It was a little grey mouse all lifeless and dangling from the trap. Lindsey didn't want to see it, but I told her that it was pretty cute... it really was.

Anyway, that was our excitement for the night. Hopefully there aren't anymore!


Janet said...

Well, good for you.
No picture?

Gail said...

I am so sorry that you had a mouse, Lindsey! I know how horrible that is. I am glad that you have a brave protector who can rescue you.

Peaby said...

[sarcasm]I'm going to call PETA. You should have used one of those humane traps and then relased it...shame on you[/sarcasm]

Brad said...

I actually asked Lindsey if she wanted me to take a picture, but she said no.

...and GOSH, Mike, I said it was cute... what more do you want??