Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Linz's Meme - by Linz

Here are mine:

1) I can’t stand open doors or crooked pictures. I think some doctors might call this OCD.

2) In 1st grade a boy named Latigo France kissed me at the bus stop and I cried.

3) I enjoy irony and sarcasm

4) I like watching and listening to my kids play when they don’t know I am there. There’s just something about a conversation among a two and four year old that is so darn funny!

5) I married the only man I ever dated (after breaking his heart when I was 14 and taking a 3 year hiatus)…long, but sweet story!

6) I wish I was a health-nut, but I love candy

7) I have always wanted to be a gymnast (or at least be able to do a flip). I even asked for a Mary Lou Retton outfit for Christmas…and I got it. It was hot!

8) I love being outside


Brazenlilly said...

I think I speak for all of your readers when I say that we are now waiting with longing for a picture of the Mary Lou Retton outfit! Also: you should google Latigo and see if he has a myspace page. :)

Brad said...

Was that last Christmas, or the year before? I can't remember.

Also... I am going to make it my mission to find a picture of that now.

Peaby said...

1)Awesome...yes, you have OCD. But you're not alone
2)What a name!
3)I have NO idea what you're talking about!
4)...and I like it when you capture it on video.
5)He was pretty shaken up for the first couple years of college.
6)yay for Skittles!