Thursday, August 16, 2007

Creative Commenting Tutorial - by Brad

Have you ever wanted to use italics, or bold when you post a comment in blogger? What about adding an website link that actually works?

Well, with some basic html knowledge you can!

HTML tags are started using the < > brackets. They are closed the same way, but by adding the / forward slash.


The text command for bold is "B". See the example comment and results below:


The text command for italics is "i". See the example comment and results below:

You can even do both italics and bold at the same time!


Now for something tricky. Do you want to leave a link to a website in your comment? This requires a little more html coding. Make sure you include the equal sign, quotes, and http:// just like the following example. See the example comment and results below:

There are many, many more html tags, but blogger's comments only allow these three. So for now, you can't underline, or change the text color when you comment.

Feel free to test these out by commenting on this post. There is always the comment preview button so you can see what is going to post. Don't worry, we won't make fun of you!


Peaby said...

I think that you arr taking this blog commenting thing a little too seriously!

Brad said...

Now THAT is some CREATIVE commenting!

Nice "arr" link. Where did that come from?

Peaby said...

random google search for "pirate arrr" :-)

Brazenlilly said...

I just can't compete with that!