Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bugs. Berries. Boys. Camping. - by Brad

This past weekend, we took a trip to Oregon to go to my cousin's wedding in Sandy, OR. While we were there, we spent the weekend camping with Mike and Becky. This stressed Lindsey out a little since she had to pack for a wedding AND camping at one time, but she pulled it off quite well (thank you my lovely wife)!

We camped at Camp Creek Campground in the foothills around Mt. Hood. The boys did surprisingly well, so we were pleased. I can't say it was a relaxing weekend, but it was fun. I am not sure what we would have done without Mike and Becky doing most of the cooking and cleaning. I guess it would have been much more crazy for us. Thanks you two (and a half)!

Elliott and Wesley had a good time running around in the bushes and playing like boys in the woods. Once I heard Elliott say, "Wesley ate a berry!" I went over to him and he showed me what it was. None of us knew whether or not it was edible, but I tried one anyway, just so he wouldn't be the only one. However, now I know it was a red huckleberry!

FYI - a berry I called a salmon berry is actually called a thimbleberry

We drove up to Trillium Lake and broke out the canoe. The boys enjoyed it, and so did the girls... those pictures will have to show up on Peaby's blog because I didn't get any.

The boys were given bug collectors from Becky's mom, so they spent much of the weekend finding bugs and trying to catch them. Mike and I even went out in the canoe and caught a couple dragonflies in the reeds.

Spencer loved being outside... especially if someone was holding him...

Mike and I decided to see if we could start a fire without using matches. At first it looking promising, but we couldn't. I did just stumble across this article I am going to have to try out sometime... coke can and chocolate bar....

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Peaby said...

It was a great trip! We thoroughly enjoyed your company as usual! Thanks for the fun, I'll try to get some of our pics up soon.

PS..what was the speckled berry?