Monday, July 02, 2007

Knights of Foamelot - by Brad

Yesterday afternoon we took the boys to a park to have a picnic. When we arrived, we saw about 20 boys (probably high school and college age) beating each other with large padded bats. It looked like they were getting ready to have a gladiator-style battle. Several of them had medieval costumes and were shouting odd phrases at each other (apparently magical battle spells).

I would have taken video of this, but I didn't want to look weird... Rather, I tried to be sneaky and got a picture of what was going on. So for your visual pleasure…

Lindsey wanted to ask them what they were doing, but I was afraid they might pummel her with foam. So when we got home, I did a little research about this type of stuff. I ended up finding a website for
Dagorhir Battle Games… and all I can say is… wow. I normally try not to make fun of people, but these guys seem to be in the same category as those who attend Star Trek conventions.

I am a little disappointed that I missed Ragnarok XXII in Ohio just a couple weeks ago.

Just in case one of these
live action role-playing (LARP) gamers comes and hunts me down… I better go buy my own foam padded weapon to defend myself!


Unknown said...

Bwahahahaha... we found you!

Dagorhir attracts its fair share of Star Trek convention types, that's true... but we also have athletes, actors, soldiers, socialites, freaks, geeks, and all manner of everything else in between. You heard about Ragnarok, did you know that over 1000 people attended this year? It is it's own phenomenon! The next time you see those guys practicing, go up and introduce yourself. I bet they will be more than happy to explain the game to you, show you how the weapons work, heck... they will probably try to get you to play ;) Its generally a very friendly culture, with an emphasis on safety. I know most of your blog post was tongue in cheek, but I just want to assure you that NO ONE would ever "pummel" someone who was not playing the game! That is considered very very "not cool" by our community standards.

Anyway, I just couldn't resist the opportunity to talk up the game. I started ten years ago, and it is great way to keep in shape and have fun. Check it out, I am sure you will be welcomed with open arms.

BTW... Dagorhir is not technically a LARP!!! I sure as hell don't role play. It's got its own genre... a Battle Game!

Brad said...

That's Awesome!

Thanks for the info... and for not being offended by my joking!