Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Frequent Blog Image Problems - by Brad

I have noticed quite often that some blogged images won't always link to the larger version when you click on them. This seems to be a bug with blogger that some of the html code goes missing when you publish. Well, the larger image is out there somewhere, and here is how you can find it...

1) Right click on the uncooperative image and select "Properties."

2) You should see an "Address" field that shows all kinds of weird characters in a web address. Make sure you highlight the entire address (sometimes you have to click and drag down to copy all of the text). Copy the text by selecting Ctrl + c.

3) Go to your browser's web address bar and paste the address (Ctrl + v).

4) The second-to-the-last section of the web address will be something like "/s320/". Change this to "/s1600-h/". Then hit enter.


This works especially well for Peaby's latest post in which none of his glorious images enlarge. [If you did this on purpose for some creative property rights... well, I just hacked your images!]

There is a way that YOU the blogger can fix this by editing your post, but you have to mess around with html quite a bit. I can dive into that later if blogger never fixes this problem... or if anyone really cares.

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Peaby said...

That's a great tip!