Friday, June 29, 2007

7 Things we learned in Lincoln City - by Linz

1. Mike and Becky are great with kids....i.e. will be amazing parents!

2. Kids love kites. (and so does mom)

3. Kids also love sand. (Mom likes it better on the beach than in the house)

4. Quicksand can be pretty fun.

5. "Blogger friends" are much more fun in real-life!

6. The eight hour drive TO the beach is much easier than the eight hour drive HOME from the beach. (No photos of tired/grumpy kids to document this portion of the "vacation")

7. Vacation with three little boys (while extremely exciting and fun) is hardly "vacation".
(Again, no photos)


Peaby said...


That pic of Brad is trippy!

Brazenlilly said...

Blogger friends ARE more fun in real life! Maybe next time we can meet up somewhere other than a noisy, crowded restaurant. Also: so true about M&B! Lastly: quicksand pictures is crazy cool.