Friday, May 25, 2007

AWANA - by Brad

Please bear with me as I am making up for lost time and am posting three in a row...

Elliott has now completed his first year in Cubbies. Last night was the AWANA awards night and on our way Elliott got a taste of his own medicine with questions from Wesley. As we were driving, the conversation went like this...

Wes: Where is Polly? (their cousin's dog)
Elliott: She lives at Amy Joy's house.
Wes: Where does Amy Joy live?
Elliott: She lives in Spokane.
Wes: Where does our car live?
Elliott: Our car lives at our house.
Wes: Where do we live?
Elliott: We live in Wenatchee.
Wes: Where does Mike live?
Elliott: Mike lives in Beaverton.
Wes: Where do trees live?
Elliott: Trees live everywhere.
Wes: Where do cars live?
Elliott: Cars live everywhere!
Wes: Where do trees live?

I am glad Elliott is now the one fielding questions rather than me.

Anyway, back to the purpose of this post. This was Elliott receiving his first year book award...

And this is the Cubbies group singing their theme song...


Janet said...

The boys' conversation and the pictures were very fun to read about and view. How handy that Elliott is so knowledgeable and can answer Wesley's questions!!

Peaby said...

That's great...I'm glad I'm included in a discussion about dogs, cars and trees.

Elliott's not a big fan of the choreography?

Brad said...

HA! I noticed that Elliott wasn't as involved as the others, but when I watch it again, he really doesn't move at all!

Hmmm... I wonder who he gets his lack-of-physical-animation from?

Anonymous said...

Still of my favorite posts. Elliot just knows that it's not about the actions- the words are the important part.


Janet said...

Oh dear, I'm afraid he gets the lack of animation from his dad's dad. Lon's never been one to "do the motions" with his singing - not even clapping!