Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quotes & Photos - by Linz

I have been at a loss for witty things to blog about lately...good thing we have funny kids!

Elliott (when he noticed that Wes and Brad were both wearing corduroy pants): Hey Wes, Dad has those pants. (Then after a short pause): Aw, I feel left out of those pants.

Wesley: He zoomed by
Elliott: Who did?
Wesley: God did. In his truck.
Elliott: No, God just walks because there are no cars or trucks up there.

Wesley: That be a cute baby we have. We be borrowing God's baby!

And some random photos:

Wes fell asleep during snack time following a
very short nap.

I can't believe he's so big already!

How sweet is this?

Getting ready to play in the snow!


Peaby said...

gee wiz...your kids are growing fast! Has Wes been listening to Bob Marley? He's starting to talk with a Jamaican flare!

Brazenlilly said...

Love it! All three boys are adorable. Spencer's getting so big! The quotes are always my favorites.

Elissa said...

Hi, Lindsey!

I love checking out pictures if your kids too! Your boys are so cute and funny! We tell their stories to our friends and family. :) It's so nice to be able to keep in touch, even though we never see each other. Have a great day!

Elissa Schouten

Steph said...

I love it when kids miss any part of their normal naps and when they can finally catch a snooze, they look like they are concentrating sooo hard on sleeping. :)

toby said...

The snack nap is such a great picture!

Janet said...

I loved the "He zoomed by" conversation. Of course Lon and I just think EVERYTHING about those guys is clever and wonderful. :-) Keep posting!