Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lindsey Making Spencer Smile - by Brad

Lindsey was making Spencer smile a little. Just ignore the peripheral noise of Elliott and Wesley.

Wesley does Star Wars - by Brad

Elliott and Wesley were do-do-do-ing the theme to Star Wars while playing Legos. I was able to catch Wes in the act, although he doesn't quite have the melody down.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spencer Update - by Brad

It's been a while since we posted updated pictures of Spencer, so I thought I would post a couple.

FYI - At his two-month appointment, he was 13.5 lbs. There have been a few nights where he slept 8 hours straight, but usually he goes about 5 to 6 hours at a time during the night. It seems that he has a grumpy time from 7:00pm to 10:00pm where he likes to cry between intermittent snoozes. He does smile often after he has rested and eaten. We have even heard what sounds like giggles once or twice!

Here's our littlest man...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Sleeping - by Brad

I have to admit that I really enjoy walking in on our boys sleeping in weird positions. I guarantee that none of these pictures were posed... these sleeping positions are completely natural.

Side note: I tend to place my description ABOVE the picture being described... I don't know what is kosher, but I like to make you read BEFORE you get to see.

Last night, before we went to bed, I went in the boys room and I saw Wesley with his legs crossed and blanket over his head.

And this is much the same position, but several months earlier... also with an arm flare.

My fascination with my boys sleeping goes way back. This one was when Elliott just turned 2... and yes, he still slept with a pacifier.

Wesley at 5 months old...

Mom and Wesley...

Doin' the sprinkler...

Christmas at the cousins house. Notice Wesley not knowing how to sleep in a sleeping bag.

Wesley, in all his skinniness...

I am sure the boys are going to hate me for these pictures, but I couldn't help myself. THESE ARE MY BOYS!

Honest, none of these were posed.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quotes & Photos - by Linz

I have been at a loss for witty things to blog about lately...good thing we have funny kids!

Elliott (when he noticed that Wes and Brad were both wearing corduroy pants): Hey Wes, Dad has those pants. (Then after a short pause): Aw, I feel left out of those pants.

Wesley: He zoomed by
Elliott: Who did?
Wesley: God did. In his truck.
Elliott: No, God just walks because there are no cars or trucks up there.

Wesley: That be a cute baby we have. We be borrowing God's baby!

And some random photos:

Wes fell asleep during snack time following a
very short nap.

I can't believe he's so big already!

How sweet is this?

Getting ready to play in the snow!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Moon - by Brad

My 2007 calendar is Moon themed (you may have wondered what prompted the Moon phase gadget I added a few weeks ago). The calendar shows the cycles of the Moon and has an informational bit about the Moon. I have found this interesting and I thought that I would plagiarize March's tidbit...

One of the most eerie lunar phenomena takes place when the Moon, Earth, and Sun align during a lunar eclipse. As the Moon passes through the Earth's shadow, instead of disappearing into blackness, it glows bright copper-red. Even though sunlight is not directly illuminating the Moon's surface, some light waves refracted from Earth's atmosphere do still hit the Moon. As sunlight bounces off Earth's atmosphere, shorter blue-hued wavelenghts refract and scatter. The longer wavelengths at the red end of the light spectrum are the only ones that reach the Moon.

There is a full lunar eclipse coming up on March 3rd. However, for us who live on the west coast, we won't be able to see it. Don't be saddened, this just gives you a reason to live until August 28th, when we will be able to view the next one.