Thursday, February 01, 2007

11 Days Old - by Brad

Spencer is 11 days old and I feel that a few more pictures should be posted. With just the right poking, he occasionally smiles for us. It is probably more of a twitch - trying to get us to stop poking - but he looks cute when he does it.

He just had a bath, so please don't judge him by his hair... and our couch is really staticy. We promise that we won't let his hair get like Wesley's. I have already mentioned shaving his hair into a mohawk, but Lindsey wasn't for it. It probably wouldn't look too good anyway since it is a little thin in the front.

And just another picture of our three boys... Elliott and Wesley sure do love the new addition.


Brazenlilly said...

OH. MY. GOSH! That last picture is too much. That is Christmas card material, people. Then again, Christmas is in, like, 11 months. But that is priceless. Thanks for the new pictures! Spencer is looking very handsome.

Peaby said...

good looking kid! can't wait to meet him.

Gail said...

Spencer already looks different! Great pictures. Miss you all, but am enjoying warmer weather!!! (Not quite PNG but warmer than E. Wen.)

Steph said...

To agree with Jen...OH. MY. GOSH. That last picture is PRICELESS! Spencer is absolutely adorable!!!