Saturday, February 10, 2007

Random - by Brad

Since more attention has been given to Spencer in the last couple weeks, that means Elliott and Wesley get less attention. Thus, they are left to themselves to find new things to play with... most recently my ski goggles...

Of course Spencer is growing. At his two week appointment he had already gained two pounds since birth. The last couple days he has been a bit of a restless sleeper... fun for us.

This morning some fog rolled across the hills behind our house. I snapped this picture of Castle Rock through our neighbor's trees.


carol said...

Wow, castle rock really looks like a castle in that picture and Spencer really looks like you,when you were a baby, Brad. He's the first of your boys that I thought really looked like you. I was going to put in some sort of jab about your looks at this point, like "poor kid", but then I thought about how everyone says you and I look so much alike, so I think I'll go with "what a gorgeous baby you have". :)

Lon said...

Great pictures - and fun comment by Carol! Brad, you need to help me figure out some things about this "blogging!" I have a few questions.