Friday, February 02, 2007

Life with 3...not what I expected - by Linz

I have to admit when I found out that I was having our third boy, I was a bit nervous. Life with three little boys just sounds busy and kind of crazy!

I was fully expecting to feel overwhelmed with our third baby, but instead I feel like life is just right!

I was worried the time commitment of feeding a baby every 3 hours (and what the boys would do with that time!) But that has become one of the great and unexpected things about having a new baby. Every 3 hours I stop what I am doing and sit still long enough for Elliott and Wesley to hang out an chat with me.

I also have come to appreciate what good boys Elliott and Wesley are. Elliott can entertain himself for quite a long time with Legos, Star Wars toys or books. He is great about including Wesley in everything he does. He is very willing to help me with small jobs like throwing out diapers, fetching burp rags...pretty much everything I ask him to do. (Although he told me the other day "I don't really like doing jobs, but I am good at them so I do them anyway") Wesley is very content to sit by himself and play with toys or read a book, but he is also a great sport about playing along with whatever Elliott wants to play. (He is falling right into the middle child role.)

But what I have become most grateful for is Brad. He took a lot of time off work and has been an amazing help with all three boys. He is up with Spencer at night and up with the boys in the morning. And still making sure that I am getting enough rest and some time to myself. He is taking great care of his family. (Thanks Brad!)

So I know next week Brad will go back to work and I will be on my own, but I feel much more prepared for that challenge now that I have seen how God has prepared my family for this new phase of life.


Brad said...

Oh, Lindsey... you're the best.

toby said...

I think you guys are ready for four.

Lon said...

What a joy to hear that our son is being such a good husband and daddy. We never doubted that he would be, but it's nice to hear. And as Brad said, "Oh,'re the best!." We think so too!!

carol said...

That's beautiful, Lindsey.

Elliott is too cute - so good at jobs that he does them even though he doesn't like them. Already feeling the burden of natural talent. :)

Brazenlilly said...

It warms my heart to know that you guys are doing well and surviving those first few weeks of babycrazy. And kudos to the other men in your life who are lovin' on ya to make things better!