Friday, January 05, 2007

Son So Soon? - by Brad

Wow, according to the Spence-O-Meter, we have just 10 days until Spencer is due! It sure doesn't seem like we are prepared to take care of a newborn already (but according to Lindsey we are)!

Recently, our life has been filled with two boys who bring energy to our family. It seems like they can't sit still and all they want to do is move. The quiet, snugly moments still happen, but they usually only last about 15 seconds.

I am very excited that in about 10 days (hopefully less) I will be able to hold my new fragile son. One who cannot jump off my lap, or climb up my leg, or talk about Star Wars non-stop. Don't get me wrong, these are fun moments with my older boys. However, there is a different kind of joy that comes from a newborn son who can't do anything for himself and who takes comfort in the arms of his parents.

I will soon be looking for opportunities to sneak Spencer away from everyone and enjoy his quiet little company.


Peaby said...

That's crazy! We're going to have to plan another trip up there to meet the little guy. Still seems strange to me that one minute it's just the 4 of you...then the next, there are 5!

Brad said...

It is pretty crazy. About the time we get used to our family, we go and change it! But they have all been good changes!

I do like the planning another trip idea.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your heart with us. Those boys (all three) are blessed to have you two for their parents!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a different way to you, Lindsey. :-)

toby said...

I know what you mean, Brad. Tonight during the Seahawks game, Ryan asked if he could cuddle with me in my chair. he's 85 pounds, and far from cuddly!

We are all looking forward to meeting the next Posenjak baby!

Brazenlilly said...

Keep us all posted! We're counting down with you. Can't wait to see pics of Spencer!