Friday, January 19, 2007

Nesting + - by Brad

Lindsey is overdue. She had an appointment yesterday and the doctor said that "things" were "progressing" but she should schedule an appointment to consider being induced on Monday. However, I was home at lunch today and Lindsey said that she thinks "stuff" is happening, so she feels like it will be soon.

Lindsey has been nesting all week. Today I found her pulling all the food out of the fridge, cleaning, and rearranging the shelves. This has been the norm in our house for several days now.

To Lindsey's chagrin, I am hoping for Spencer to be born Sunday. The reason is that Elliott's birthday was September 25th, 2002 and Wesley's birthday was November 23, 2004. So if Spencer is born on January 21st, 2007, the boys will be spaced perfectly even. They would be 2 years, 2 months, less 2 days apart from each other.

How cool would that be?


Brazenlilly said...

Thanks for the update! Are we good enough blog friends that I can call you a nerd for that last calculation? Oops! Too late.

Linz said...

I understand why an accountant would like the "two years, two months less two days" thing, but the pregnant lady with the english degree (who is four days overdue) likes the ASAP thing!

Brad said...

HA! I may be a nerd, but...

...yeah, okay, I am a nerd.

But at least that's better than a geek, right?

Brazenlilly said...

Oh yes, a nerd is better than a geek. And you are a cool nerd. No, not an oxymoron. Hang in there, Lindsey!

carol said...

Oh, I'm torn. I feel for you, Lindsey. I know how hard that wait is once you get past the due date...but two years, two months less two days is pretty cool - and I'm not an accountant. Sunday's actually really soon - Friday's just about over so Sunday is almost tomorrow. :)

I'm thinking about you lots.