Sunday, January 28, 2007

Growing Up - by Brad

Over the past week I have noticed Elliott entering into a new phase of his childhood. Having a newborn around the house certainly does make Elliott look older. He has been very gentle with his new baby brother. He loves to hold him and is constantly commenting on how cute Spencer is, or how tiny his fingers are. This is a huge change from when Wesley was born. Elliott didn't know the meaning of the word "gentle". Now Elliott has been talking about another baby when he turns 6... but we know that won't happen because we can't ruin the perfect spacing!

Also, this weekend my sister and her family came over from Seattle to visit Spencer (and us too). A few of us went hiking up Castle Rock (the hill behind our house) and Elliott did amazingly well. We may have been slow going, but even
when we hiked up the steep slippery trails, he was brave and tried to keep up with his 9 and 7 year old cousins Ryan and Jake. We had a great time.

However, Elliott's growing up really hit me this morning after church. Elliott started going to Sunday school in the fall after he turned 4. Once church is done, we typically go downstairs to the nursery to pick up Wesley and also to Elliott's Sunday school room to pick him up.

This was the first week back to church since Spencer was born (he was only 1 hour old last Sunday so we decided to skip), so we talked a little longer before heading down to pick up Wes and Elliott. As we were talking I saw Elliott darting between people and making his way toward US! This may not seem to be a huge step of independence to you, but to me, this showed that he is no longer a little kid who needs his parents to find him... he can find us. I still can't believe that he is four.


Anonymous said...

What fun to all be together this weekend! NEXT time we'll get that picture with all our grandkids :-) Great pictures and reflections on Elliott growing up, Brad. Thanks for sharing.
Love, Mom

toby said...

Great post, Brad, we had a ton of fun this weekend. Ryan and Jake are having XBox withdrawls, but I am glad we got a solid hike in - Elliott did amazingly well. I honestly thought you'd have to carry him a lot of the way, but he did the whole thing himself. Maybe you two should head back up and retrieve the stick Ryan left!

Brad said...

Good thought! Elliott and I just might have to head back up tomorrow morning! I think that he will be pretty excited.

We had a great weekend too! Thanks for coming over!

Peaby said...

You're a good dad, Brad! That picture reminds me of a lot of pictures of me and my dad when I was Elliott's age. He took me outside so much and got me hooked. Now when we go hiking, it's me who's thinking, "Wow, I'm proud of my dad for making it up to the top of this mountain." Someday, that kid in the picture is going to be a man, and he'll be helping you up the hill! Keep it up!