Monday, January 15, 2007

The Dude's Due - by Brad

Spencer is due today, and I have the day off because of MLK. However, we both feel that he is going to be late (Spencer, not MLK... although they are both "late" but in different ways).

So far we have enjoyed a lazy morning. Elliott and Wesley snuggled up together to listen to a few songs on their little mp3 player... proving that they DO like each other once in a while!

Also, I recently heard an instrumental group that I like. If you would be interested in an acoustic rock-flamenco sound, then you might like a group called "Rodrigo y Gabriela". They have an interesting guitar sound...


Peaby said...

Wow...that's impressive...I ususally don't like girl guitar players, but she rocked my socks off.

Brazenlilly said...

We're still checking every day to see if he's joined the fam!