Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Taco Talk - by Brad

This post really belongs to Lindsey. She emailed me this around 4:00 yesterday before I came home from work.

Lindsey to Elliott: "What would you like for dinner?"

Elliott: "I want tacos for dinner."

Lindsey: "Sure, we can make that."

Elliott: "Or Daddy could just go to Taco Bell."

Lindsey (skeptically): “I guess you could ask him when he gets home.”

Elliott: “I think he will, daddy always does all the things I want him to do.”

I learned something about how my 4 year old son sees me last night.
By the way... we had home-made tacos for dinner.


Peaby said...

There should be a "Family Circus" cartoon about your family...except it would be the "Posenjak Circus". With all the funny, sweet, and ironic things that happen in your house, you could make a fortune off royalties!

Brad said...

Feel free to publish... we'll just take a 25% cut.

If you illustrate it, please make me a little taller... and no big round heads... those just look silly.

Anonymous said...

Brad and Lindsey - we finally joined the "in" crowd with tobyandcarol.blogspot.com! You'll have to show us all the tricks this weekend.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your comments and seeing the pictures as your boys grow. The variety in your postings is great...keeps me on my toes!
.....Aunt Karen