Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Baby Jesus Woke Up! - by Brad

Like so many other blogs the day after Christmas, we too are posting pictures with a recap of the holiday weekend.

Saturday afternoon, we headed to Seattle to celebrate Christmas with the Posenjak's. Here are a couple pictures of the boys opening their presents... Elliott with Exo-force Legos and Wesley with Curious George paraphernalia...

This is our niece Jessie. It must have been the holiday season, but her name didn't quite click for Wesley. Sunday morning when Toby brought Jessie out of her bed, Wesley said, "Baby Jesus wake up!" He affectionately called her baby Jesus several times.

We drove back to Wenatchee Christmas morning (we did find a Starbucks for Lindsey in Monroe). We opened our presents at home and then went to the Krueger's house to spend time with Lindsey's family. Here Wesley was just chillin' out before we got around to presents.

Then we experienced, as Toby coined the phrase, "the traditional post-present letdown time of grumpiness."


Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm going to try to comment since Brad was offended that I had commented on Toby's blog and not on his. (I tried, just didn't know how to submit it properly!)
Fortunately, we were at the beginning of the celebration and managed to miss the grumpiness! Thanks for blogging, Brad. We love it!!!

J&J said...

Hi Brad and fam,

We're a little slower on the blog updates, but love reading yours. We just saw Grandma Jessie today, she was sharp as ever. Happy New Year and best of luck with the Spencer's arrival!
Jamie (Lynn)